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got2b POWDER’ful Volumizing Styling Powder Review

2 May

I’ve been using the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play volumizing powder for a few years now. When I first discovered it, I was intrigued by it’s unique powder form initially, and later grew to love it due to it’s benefits for my hair type. The bad thing? It’s pricey, for a seemingly small amount of product. When I got the opportunity to try a new brand, especially one that retails for about half as much, I jumped at the chance! I’ve tried a few different styling products from got2b in the past, and they were always pretty decent. Beauty school taught me to try and stay away from “over-the-counter” brands of hair care products, however, sometimes that’s just not realistic financially. Especially the way I tend to go through them! I also noticed that got2b is made by Schwarzkopf, which also manufactures professional brands, so that puts me more at ease.

I have very straight, fine, thin hair. It tends to get greasy and fall limp rather quickly, and doesn’t hold volume for very long. Styling powders are perfect for someone with my hair type. They provide volume and hold without making my hair sticky, crunchy, or extra-greasy, and are lightweight enough that it doesn’t weigh my hair down more. I’ve been growing my hair out for a few years now, so my need for this product isn’t as high as it was when I had a short, layered bob cut, but I still use it pretty often just on my root area for a little extra lift. Not only does this product provide volume, but it can help add texture to layered and short hair styles. I usually will put about a quarter sized amount of powder in my hands and rub them together, then massage through my scalp right at the roots. Then I sprinkle a little bit right onto my roots in the center of my crown area and rub it in while lifting the hair up, because this is where I want the most volume and typically need the most help achieving volume. It’s a super quick and easy hair fix since it doesn’t really require any extra styling!

I still have some of my Powder Play, so I was able to compare it with the got2b POWDER’ful side by side. Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference! They felt the same, melted the same way when rubbed in my hands, and most importantly they gave me the same style results! If anything, the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play may be a bit more concentrated, and therefore heavy, but for someone with my hair type that isn’t necessarily a good thing. When you have thin, fine hair, the lighter the styling product the better! I’m definitely going to continue purchasing this product, and my hair and wallet couldn’t be happier!

To maximize the results of this product I recommend drying your hair with a round brush, lifting at the roots, prior to application (or at the very least, drying your hair with your head upside down) and finishing with a mist of lightweight hair spray for extra hold. If it’s really big hair you’re after, you can apply the product and then tease your hair for huge volume that will hold all day!

Check out my results, and keep in mind my hair naturally is extremely thin and therefore very limp and flat!

Note: I am a member of BzzAgent and was able to try this product for free in return for my honest opinion.


Garnier Olia Hair Color Review

1 Apr

I should start out by saying that I decided to use this product on someone else. I work in a hair salon and therefore get my hair done for free, professionally, by a stylist who would’ve been none too pleased to learn that I went ahead and dyed my own hair. We’re like walking, little advertisements for the salon, after all! Luckily, my boyfriend (hesitantly) volunteered to be my guinea pig. πŸ™‚

I’ve used several different brands of boxed hair dyes in the past. You name one, I’ve probably tried it or consistently used it at one point. The two major problems I’ve always had with over the counter hair color is the smell and the fact that it didn’t leave my hair in the best condition. My boyfriend’s hair is naturally a light, ashy brown. I didn’t want to stray too far from his natural color, despite him begging me to go darker, so I decided on the Light Chestnut Brown (Shade 6.35) so I could warm up his color without compromising his natural tone. There were a couple of small differences I immediately noticed. First of all, the developer came in a tube rather than a bottle. In my experience, the developer came pre-measured in the application bottle. This new form of packaging was neat, but not totally necessary. Secondly, the gloves were much thicker and thus more effective than the wimpy, thin, plastic bag-esque gloves that accompany most other brands. Good gloves are a must when dealing with hair color, unless you want stains on your hands!

Finally came time for the application. The formula was a bit runny, at least for a cream hair color, but not so much that it was dripping everywhere. The application bottle was uniquely shaped, and the narrow nozzle provided for easy, on-point application. The smell of the dye was probably the best part of the whole experience. Many brands that claim to be odor and ammonia-free still require you to turn the exhaust fan on in your bathroom while using them, and this one was very mild, with a light floral scent. I left the product on for the recommended time, 20-30 minutes, and had him rinse, shampoo, and condition his hair. He loved the way the provided conditioner made his hair feel, by the way! Once his hair was air-dryed I checked out the results. To be honest, I didn’t notice a real difference in the health, shine, or overall texture of his hair. This is actually a good thing, though, because at least this meant that it wasn’t damaged. And while I’m being honest, the color did not come out as I had envisioned. I didn’t take into consideration the natural undertones of his hair color, which more than likely was the reason his shade ended up being a bit too red rather than the light/medium warm brown shade indicated on the box.

Color aside, I was really pleased with this product. The oil-based formula proved to not be a “hair killer” and had a very pleasant scent, which is are key components for a pleasant, at-home, hair coloring experience. If I ever choose to go back to boxed hair coloring, I will definitely put Garnier Olia on my list of top considerations!

Note: I am a member of BzzAgent and was able to try this product for free in return for my honest opinion.

Egg + Olive Oil Hair Mask Review

3 Sep

I’m playing Pinterest guinea pig here. I’ve been seeing this healthy hair egg mask how-to being pinned and re-pinned on Pinterest over and over again, so I thought I would give it a try since it was easy and I had all 3 of the ingredients handy. It’s supposed to make your hair soft, healthy, and shiny. I don’t exactly need softer hair, as mine is already extremely soft and fine, but because I heavily highlight my hair, it’s in desperate need of some shine and strengthening! Here is what the pin says:

“Egg yolks won’t only make your hair softer, shinier and healthier but help you to grow it long as well. And, in order to get all the benefits egg yolks provide, simply mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil, dilute the mixture by adding a cup of water and then slowly and thoroughly massage this mask into your scalp. Give your hair and scalp 15 to 20 minutes to absorb all the needed nutrients and then rinse off.”

Now, I know that hair is made up of proteins, so putting eggs (which are high in protein) in the hair didn’t seem totally crazy to me. I always thought that the egg whites contained the most protein, not the yolks, but I had every intention of following this recipe exactly, so I just used the yolks. I mixed the yolks, water, and olive oil together with a whisk and poured the mixture into an old hair coloring bottle for easier application. Despite having very thin, fine hair, I used the entire mixture in order to completely saturate all of my hair, and so I didn’t waste any. πŸ˜‰ I probably needed about half of what I made, but oh well. I massaged it into my scalp as I applied it, as well as after it was all over my head. I would’ve used a shower cap to cover my hair but I didn’t have any, so I used a highlighting cap. You’ll want to find something to cover your hair with, as the mixture is pretty watery and runny. And eggs aren’t exactly something you want dripping all over you. I left it on for about 20 minutes, maybe a little longer, and rinsed it out. The post didn’t say anything about whether or not to wash your hair afterwards, but I couldn’t imagine not washing egg out of my hair, so I used shampoo, but no conditioner. The first thing I noticed was that my hair was about 85% easier to comb through while wet than it usually is. My hair is very prone to tangling and matting, so this was a nice change for me. Once dried, my hair did feel a bit softer than usual, and perhaps a tiny bit shinier, but not so much that I was completely wowed. As for strength and repair, I didn’t notice much of a difference there, either. This was the only time I’ve tried this, so perhaps using it more frequently (such as once a week or so) would provide better and more effective results, but for the first time I wasn’t overly impressed. I may or may not try it again in the future… and if I notice any improvements I will be sure to let everyone know!

Original pin linked to this website.

Ombre Hair Color

13 Jun

Usually having your roots be a totally different color than the rest of your hair means you need to get to the salon, but thanks to the ombre hair coloring technique it’s become a trend! So many people are sporting this look right now, and it is huge among celebrities. It makes your hair appear to be longer, and in some instances naturally sun-kissed. Here are some examples and variations. *Note: Many of the pictures I found on Pinterest, and weren’t linked to the original website. I do not intend to take credit for these images or infringe anyone’s copyrights. Please let me know if you see something that is yours, and I will give proper credit or take down the image!

1. Dramatic (Dark to Light)

Perfect display of ombre here. The gradient of color is perfect!

Ashlee Simpson sports dramatic ombre hair- black roots and blonde ends.

2. Subtle

Ombre doesn’t always have to be the transition between two totally opposite colors, as Lauren Conrad displays above. She’s blonde all-over, with subtle lightening of the ends.

3. Colorful

Blonde fades to hot pink, hot pink fades to lavender! Ombre can be done on just the tips, too.

I absolutely love this look, and the colors are gorgeous. It’s a great way to add some color to your hair without totally going overboard! Check out a tutorial for this type of look at The Beauty Department.com!

Blonde fades to a peachy-orange color. Gorgeous!

4. Reversed (Light to Dark)

Most times, ombre hair color goes from dark to light. But you can do it the complete opposite, too!

Protect Your Hair from the Pool

7 Jun

Summer is (basically) here, which means swimming! Swimming is a great way to cool off, have fun, and is even one of the best exercises for your body, but it can be terrible for your head fuzz! Chlorine and other chemicals found in pools are extremely damaging and drying for your hair. Here are a few tips to help you keep your hair looking and feeling great without having to skip out on some summer fun!

1. Avoid swimming after chemical services.
This is kind of an obvious one, but you definitely want to avoid swimming (or at least getting your hair wet in the pool) for a few days. This includes perms, relaxers, straightening treatments, and coloring! Your hair is in one of it’s most vulnerable states after being chemically treated- it’s dryer, more sensitive, and more porous. Not only is it bad for the health of your hair, but it could ruin the outcome of the treatment you received. It could tarnish and even potentially change the color, and deactivate a perm/relaxer/straightening treatment. You wouldn’t want to waste all of the money you just paid to get your hair looking fabulous for a dunk in the pool, would you?

2. Soak your hair before you go swimming.
When your hair is dry, it’s in it’s most porous state. Think of a dry sponge- if you place a dry sponge in a bowl of water, it’s going to absorb most of the water. Now, if you place a soaking wet sponge in a bowl of water, its not going to absorb nearly as much. The same idea applies to your hair. If you wet your hair before you swim, there will be less room for your hair to absorb the chlorinated water, and less chlorine means less damage. You can use regular water for this, or you can go the extra mile and use a product made for moisturizing and strengthening your hair, such as a leave-in conditioner, keratin spray, etc. You could also use conditioner, a moisturizing/strengthening serum, or an oil (such as moroccan/argon oil) but I’ve found these methods to be a bit messy. Using one of these products while swimming will not only help protect your hair from the chlorine, but it also keeps in moisture that the chemicals aggressively take out. If you do use water to soak your hair, make sure it’s cold. Hot water opens the hair follicles, making it that much easier for impurities to get in! I personally use Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk in my hair before I swim, and so far it’s worked out great for me! I can also see It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product working really well, however, it tends to be a bit pricey so you might not want to use it every time you decide to go for a swim.

3. Use anti-chlorine shampoos.

I’m kind of on the fence about shampoos that are made specifically for removing chlorine. They are great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re also very harsh. They are made to remove chlorine, which also means removing everything else from your hair. I think it’s a good idea to use it every once in a while if you’re concerned about chlorine build up, but not more than once a week (max.), and certainly not after every time you swim. Clarifying shampoos can also be used since they essentially do the same thing, but like I’ve already said, in moderation! Your hair and scalp still need some of their natural oils, and it will be dry and dull if you’re constantly removing them! And I would definitely recommend using a deep conditioner after using either of these!

4. Deep Condition!
Deep conditioners are lifesavers for dry hair. They moisturize, repair, and strengthen about 5x more than regular conditioner, and are meant to be kept on your hair for at least 5-10 minutes for the best results. I’d use a deep conditioner at least once a week during the summer, even if you don’t swim that often. The sun has damaging effects on your hair, too! More than once a week is possible, but only if you really, really need the extra boost. Using it too much will weigh down your hair and make it greasy. If you don’t want to get a deep conditioner, you can always leave your regular conditioner on for 5-10 minutes while you’re in the shower after swimming for a little more moisture. It won’t give quite the same effects, but will still help fight dryness. Make sure you wash your hair before conditioning, though. A lot of people figure its best to condition immediately after getting out of the pool, but think of it this way- your hair has just absorbed up chemicals (along with dirt that’s more than likely in the pool!), and conditioner is made to not only moisturize, but to seal the hair. You don’t want to trap all of that icky stuff in there!

5. Do not use elastics, hair bands, or anything constricting to keep your hair up!
Have you ever went swimming with a pony tail, got your hair wet, and then attempted to take it out afterwards?! OUCH! Hair breakage central! Your hair is most prone to breaking when it is wet, so add that to the general weakening caused by the chemicals and it’s just a bad situation. I recommend using loose clips, or putting your hair in a bun and securing it with a pin. Braids are great, too. I know they still require using hair ties to keep them together, but getting bands off of the bottom inch or so of your hair won’t be nearly as problematic as taking out a full ponytail thats secured at your scalp. Even in this case, though, I’d avoid rubber bands. They’re not good for your hair to begin with since they’re sticky, so swimming with them is even more dangerous.

I hope this helps you keep your hair healthy and looking gorgeous this summer! Of course, you can always just avoid getting your hair wet while swimming if you don’t mind people mocking you and thinking you’re a “priss” (at least that’s what everyone says to me, haha).

Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner Review

21 Mar

I recently had the opportunity to test out Wen cleansing conditioner, thanks to my mom and her impulse shopping on QVC. Now, I’ve heard a lot of not-so-good things about this product, but figured I’d give it a whirl since it was already there and all. While it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, it really wasn’t very good. For me, anyway. For those of you who haven’t seen the infomercials and don’t know what Wen is, it’s a conditioner that cleans and conditions your hair. You don’t use it with shampoo- it’s supposed to replace shampoo.

My mom had ordered the lavender version, which is said to be best for dry, dehydrated hair and creates body and volume. I should start out by saying my hair is extremely thin and baby fine, so I normally don’t use regular conditioner on a daily basis (just shampoo and some sort of leave-in spray) because my hair is easily weighed down and usually gets greasy pretty quick. Going into this, I pretty much figured it would be a bit too heavy for my hair, and I was right. My first turn off was the smell of it. They do have other scents, so I don’t know how much better they could be, but this one was just awful in my opinion. I’m not a fan of lavender, or any type of tea tree/minty scents for that matter, so if you like them you may be able to stomach this better than me. But it just smelled like straight-up Vicks vapor rub with a kick of lavender, and all joking aside, I had some trouble breathing in the show due to the overwhelming aroma, lol. The second turn off was the lengthy directions. I have zero patience so descriptive, step-by-step instructions to simply wash my hair was just ridiculous, and I will admit I didn’t follow them exactly. Here are the directions:

Rinse hair thoroughly and completely with cool water for at least 1 minute. Cleansing Conditioner should be applied in four sections: the crown of your head, the nape/back of head, ends to the left side of your hair and ends to the right side of your hair. For hair above your shoulders, use a minimum of 24 pumps, (6 pumps per section). For hair down to your shoulders, use a minimum of 32 pumps, (8 pumps per section). For hair past your shoulders use a minimum of 40 pumps, (10 per section). For hair to your mid-back use a minimum of 48 pumps, (12 per section). Add a splash of water to help evenly distribute through the ends and massage vigorously into scalp for 2-3 minutes. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb and clip hair up for the remainder of the shower. Leave on for at least 3-5 minutes. The longer you leave it on the better for maximum results. Rinse with cool water thoroughly for 1-2 minutes by massaging your scalp and running your fingers through to the ends. While hair is soaking wet, apply 1-3 pumps of the Cleansing Conditioner as a leave-in conditioner starting from the back of the head through to the ends. For thicker/coarser hair increase amount of pumps in order to thoroughly hydrate and cleanse the scalp and ends. If you choose to rinse and repeat, use half the amount of suggested pumps for each cleansing.

OK, so I didn’t pre-rinse my hair for an entire minute (although I may have just by default, since I was in the shower and washed my face and body first), and I certainly didn’t use cool water. It was a cooler-than-usual shower, but still pretty warm. I started sectioning my hair in the four sections, and applied product, but ended up just doing it all at once anyway. Like I said, though, I have really thin hair, so this step may be more beneficial to those of you blessed with normal to thick hair! My hair is about 3 or 4 inches below the top of my shoulders, but I knew damn well there was no way I was going to need the 40-48 pumps of product they were suggesting. Actually, I used MUCH LESS than even half of that. I’d just take into account your personal length and density, along with your hair type (fine, coarse, etc.) and make sure you have your hair decently saturated with it. I used my fingers rather than a wide tooth comb to comb it through my hair, and probably could’ve afforded to leave it on an extra minute or so according to their guidelines. Also, I didn’t add a few extra pumps at the end as a leave-in conditioner, because I could already tell that my hair was going to be super soft, but that is another option they give you. And I certainly didn’t rinse and repeat.

Sounds like I did a lot of things different than what they were instructing, but in all honesty, none of them would really have made a world of difference. My hair was really silky and extremely easy to comb through post-shower. I let it air dry about half way, and finished it off with my blow dryer. I will say I liked the shine it gave my hair, but my hair was SO soft it almost didn’t even feel clean. I kind of felt like I had 2 days of product build up on my scalp, which for me is extremely uncomfortable. Using just shampoo and a leave-in conditioner, my hair usually starts getting greasy in about a day and a half, whereas this made it start feeling gross in under a day. I have no doubt that my super thin, fine hair is the main reason why I didn’t care for this product, but it is what it is. It’s a good concept, in theory, but I’m going to stick with my good, old-fashioned shampoo for the time being. πŸ˜‰

10 Current Favorites

21 Mar

Here is a list of 10 of my current favorite products. The list doesn’t include cosmetics because there is NO way I’d be able to narrow it down, haha. Perhaps I’ll do my top 10 cosmetics another time. πŸ™‚ I’m not going to write full reviews on each product but feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know and I will do my best to give you a decent answer! Oh, and these are in no particular order, and aren’t necessarily what I stick to everyday!

I always have one of these little guys with me. It is seriously one of the best lip balms I have ever tried, plus it comes in neat form. People are always asking what that “egg” is in my purse! πŸ˜› My favorite flavors are Summer Fruit, Passion Fruit, and Strawberry Sorbet.

2 words: LIFE SAVER. Seriously, I have relied on this product more than anything in my life, haha. If you’re not familiar with dry shampoos, it’s definitely time to get on the ball and try some out! They’re perfect if you’re running late and don’t have time to wash your hair, as well as keeping your hair looking fresh in between washes (since washing your hair daily isn’t good for it). There’s a lot of dry shampoos on the market nowadays, and after trying several this one is one of my favorites.

The best top coat I have ever used! It lives up to it’s name and dries to the touch within a minute. I also love the thick consistency of it; it literally feels like I’m sealing my nails with a top coat, rather than adding another layer of clear nail polish. My only complaint is that because it’s a bit thicker than most, it’s not very easy to get the last few bits out of the bottle when you’re running low.

This is my current favorite hair spray for good hold and volume. Some people find it a little too strong, but if you work with it right, it’s amazing. I always grab for this when I want big hair, or am doing any kind of teasing!

This is the perfect daily face wash. It won’t necessarily clear up any problems, but it’s perfect for maintaining glowing skin. It’s light, fresh, and gentle. And it also has an amazing fragrance, which most face washes lack!

OK, TIGI actually makes one that I prefer, but since I’ve been broke lately this one is a great alternative! This spray gives your hair that messy, beachy, wavey look, which I love! It contains actual sea salt, too, which is surprisingly good for your hair, and smells reminiscent of a beach vacation!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! This makes my skin feel like silk after every use. There are a lot of competitors out there, that are much, much less expensive, but I still prefer this one. It will leave a bit of a hole in your pocket, but it’s worth saving up for, in my opinion. You can use whatever skin cleanser, buffer, or polisher you prefer. I don’t know that I’d use an exfoliator with it, since the brush exfoliates while cleaning, but it’s something to look into if your in need of some major exfoliation!

I’m usually not a fan of self-tanners. They streak, look fake, and smell awful, but this is one exception I’ve grown to love. I don’t use it daily, but if I’m ever in need of a healthy, tan glow I start using this about a week ahead of time and it’s magic. It comes in Fair to Light and Light to Medium, and it’s citrus-y scent really does help over power the nasty “tanning smell.”

It truly is a miracle worker! I have super thin, fine hair that can get greasy within hours of washing it, so I don’t use conditioner on a regular basis, but I still have a lot of dryness and damage from lightening my hair, so this is where this product comes in. I just spray a few spritzes on my ends, comb through, and I’m set! It’s pretty heavy for a leave-in conditioner, but it works wonders on a number of damaged hair problems.

I know it’s kind of cliche, but good old-fashioned water is one of the best beauty remedies out there! Keeping yourself hydrated helps make your skin clear and glowing, your hair shining, and overall keeps your body healthy! πŸ™‚