Eye Look- Neutral with a Hint of Green

12 Sep

Here is a look that I wore to work yesterday. I usually don’t like wearing a whole lot of eye make up to work, but this particular day I wanted to spice it up a bit, hence the pop of green on my lower lash line. Although I was wearing primarily black, the under shirt I wore under my black dress was green, which is why I chose that color. 9/10 times I coordinate my make up colors with my clothes!

What I Used:
*Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in Eden (matte, light-skintone base)
*MAC Charcoal Brown e/s on Brows (matte muted, taupe brown)
*LORAC Posh e/s (matte, light beige)
*LORAC Chic e/s (matte white)
*Coastal Scents Smokey Eye Palette (pinkish-peach shade)
*MAC Charcoal Brown (matte muted, taupe brown)
*Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Graffiti (shimmery, mid-tone green)
*MAC Newly Minted e/s (matte, light jade green)
*Prestige Black/Brown Liquid Eye Liner
*Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black


Eye Look- Blue Tones

9 Sep

Here is a look I did using blues, with hints of silvery grey and purple. I didn’t start work until late that day, so I had lots of time to play around with my make-up. I chose these colors because they matched the accent colors in the shirt I was wearing.

What I Used:
*Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in Eden (matte, light-skintone base)
*MAC Charcoal Brown e/s on Brows (matte muted, taupe brown)
*MAC Shroom e/s (soft, shimmery beige)
*MAC Cumulus e/s (shimmery blueish-grey)
*MAC Blue Flame e/s (shimmery navy blue)
*MAC Tilt e/s (frosty greenish-blue)
*MAC Meet the Fleet e/s (matte, deep greyish-navy blue)
*MAC Climate Blue e/s (mid-tone violet blue)
*Prestige Black/Brown Liquid Eyeliner
*Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Ransom (bright, iridescent purple)
*Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black

5 Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

4 Sep

Here are 5 of my favorite fall nail polish picks! They all just so happen to be OPI, because that’s what I own most of. I know there are several other great ones out there, as well as several dupes for each of these, but these are the ones that I have and plan to use a lot of this fall. I would post my own swatches and photos, but I figured it wouldn’t be fair to the polishes since I only have my web cam to work with at the moment, and it certainly wouldn’t do any of them justice. What are your favorite picks for your nails this fall?

1. You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI

Arguably one of OPI’s more recent favorites, this dark, brownish-greyish taupe is a must-have polish for any nail polish collector! It premiered several years ago with OPI’s France collection, and has been so popular that it’s stuck around in their permanent collection ever since. Not only is it a staple shade, but it’s perfect for fall wear!

2. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI

This is definitely high up on my list of favorite nail polishes ever! It’s an extremely darkened purple, which at times can look almost black. This was one of my first favorite purchases when I was an aspiring nail polish collector, and it has remained a favorite of mine ever since! If it’s a bit too dark for your taste, try out it’s sister shade, “Lincoln Park At Midnight,” which essentially looks the same but with a little more purple showing through.

3. Russian Navy by OPI

Another one of OPI’s most popular shades! Russian Navy is a deep, dark indigo blue with purple shimmer. It appears extremely dark at first glance, but once it catches some light the blue/purple hues come alive. Truly a gorgeous, sultry color!

4. Midnight In Moscow by OPI

Continuing on with the deep, dark variety, this shade is similar in make-up as Russian Navy, but instead of blue/purple, Midnight In Moscow reflects burgundy hues on top of it’s fairly dark, blackish base color. Mixing black and red into one shade? Hello sex appeal!

5. Jade is the New Black by OPI

Although this shade came out with OPI’s spring Hong Kong collection a few years ago, it will be absolutely perfect this fall! Jade green is one of this season’s “it” colors, which is exactly the kind of green this polish is. Although it is a vibrant jade green, it is still deep with grayish undertones that make it wearable for fall.

Egg + Olive Oil Hair Mask Review

3 Sep

I’m playing Pinterest guinea pig here. I’ve been seeing this healthy hair egg mask how-to being pinned and re-pinned on Pinterest over and over again, so I thought I would give it a try since it was easy and I had all 3 of the ingredients handy. It’s supposed to make your hair soft, healthy, and shiny. I don’t exactly need softer hair, as mine is already extremely soft and fine, but because I heavily highlight my hair, it’s in desperate need of some shine and strengthening! Here is what the pin says:

“Egg yolks won’t only make your hair softer, shinier and healthier but help you to grow it long as well. And, in order to get all the benefits egg yolks provide, simply mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil, dilute the mixture by adding a cup of water and then slowly and thoroughly massage this mask into your scalp. Give your hair and scalp 15 to 20 minutes to absorb all the needed nutrients and then rinse off.”

Now, I know that hair is made up of proteins, so putting eggs (which are high in protein) in the hair didn’t seem totally crazy to me. I always thought that the egg whites contained the most protein, not the yolks, but I had every intention of following this recipe exactly, so I just used the yolks. I mixed the yolks, water, and olive oil together with a whisk and poured the mixture into an old hair coloring bottle for easier application. Despite having very thin, fine hair, I used the entire mixture in order to completely saturate all of my hair, and so I didn’t waste any. 😉 I probably needed about half of what I made, but oh well. I massaged it into my scalp as I applied it, as well as after it was all over my head. I would’ve used a shower cap to cover my hair but I didn’t have any, so I used a highlighting cap. You’ll want to find something to cover your hair with, as the mixture is pretty watery and runny. And eggs aren’t exactly something you want dripping all over you. I left it on for about 20 minutes, maybe a little longer, and rinsed it out. The post didn’t say anything about whether or not to wash your hair afterwards, but I couldn’t imagine not washing egg out of my hair, so I used shampoo, but no conditioner. The first thing I noticed was that my hair was about 85% easier to comb through while wet than it usually is. My hair is very prone to tangling and matting, so this was a nice change for me. Once dried, my hair did feel a bit softer than usual, and perhaps a tiny bit shinier, but not so much that I was completely wowed. As for strength and repair, I didn’t notice much of a difference there, either. This was the only time I’ve tried this, so perhaps using it more frequently (such as once a week or so) would provide better and more effective results, but for the first time I wasn’t overly impressed. I may or may not try it again in the future… and if I notice any improvements I will be sure to let everyone know!

Original pin linked to this website.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish Review

30 Aug

I’ve been seeing, reading, and hearing about magnetic nail polish for a while now. To be completely honest, it didn’t really interest me. I just figured it was another silly nail fad, like crackle polish, that would be huge for a minute and then fade away. Not only did I not want to spend money on something that I wouldn’t use (I have SO MANY crackle/shatter polishes that are just sitting around), but the design didn’t really fancy me, either. It’s a cool concept, and neat how you achieve the design, but to me the finished result just looked like lines. A few months ago I was grocery shopping and saw that Sally Hansen had come out with their own magnetic polish. It was being sold for $9.99 a bottle, and while the fact that it was now conveniently available at my local grocery store did make me a bit more curious about it, I still was not paying $10. Fast forward to last week. I had gotten a gift card to Target, and for once in my life didn’t have a cart full of miscellaneous items. I was browsing the beauty aisles and saw that the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color was only $8.99 there. Put that on top of the fact that I technically wasn’t spending my own money, and I was sold. I figured it was inevitable, anyway, as I’m a beauty product junkie and always have to have, or at the very least try, new products. Choosing a color was a bit difficult for me. I normally prefer cream finishes, while these were all metallic, and I’m usually drawn to blues and purples. The blue shade was more of a slate blue, which I wasn’t feeling, and their purple was also kind of a dull shade with a grey-ish undertone. I ended up going with the shade “Red-y Response” which is pretty much a purple, but with more of a pink/red undertone. It’s kind of like a mauve infused plum purple with a hint of fuchsia (shade pictured above). I tried it out that night, and was surprisingly really impressed with it! Here are my results (not a very good example, I know, but it’s the best I can do for the time being. Sorry!):

Process: The process is fairly simple. First you paint all 10 nails with one coat (if you use a base coat, do that ahead of time, obviously), and let them dry completely. Then you paint another coat on each nail, one by one, and hold the magnet (that is on top of the bottle’s lid) directly over the nail immediately for 10 seconds. There is a little lip on the lid that you can rest against your finger/cuticle to help prevent the magnet from touching your nail, although I still managed to have two small slips. I did end up getting the hang of it, though! Once you repeat that process on all 10 nails, let them dry and apply your top coat. I didn’t use a top coat this time because I wanted to see how long it would wear on it’s own for the sake of giving a more thorough review. 😉

Wear Time: I painted my nails on Monday evening. It is now Thursday morning and I do have quite a bit of chipping going on. I had a little bit of tip wear starting within 24 hours, but in all fairness I’m also one that picks at my nails a lot and I’m also quite clumsy when it comes to working with my hands, so i feel that I’m much more prone to ruining my nail polish! If I were to have used a top coat (I typically go with Seche Vite) I have no doubt that I would’ve gotten at least another couple of days without any problems. To me it wears like most other decent nail polishes, worn without a top coat.

Design: I wasn’t impressed by the designs I had seen in photos and videos online, but I really ended up liking my results. It looks a lot more 3-demensional and holographic in person! My fingers are really small, therefore my nails are tiny (and right now, very short), so I wasn’t sure how much it would work for me. And while I don’t doubt that it would look much better on bigger, longer nails, I was happy with what I got!

Where to Buy: You should be able to buy this at most places that sell Sally Hansen products, such as local grocery stores, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, other drugstores, Ulta, etc… as well as several online retailers. The price should range anywhere between $7.99 and $9.99.

Britney Spears X-Factor Inspiration

23 Aug

I decided to give Carrie Bradshaw a break this time and focus on recreating some fashion worn by the lovely Ms. Britney Spears! Now, before you start wondering if I have my people mixed up, let me just say that I’m well aware that Britney typically isn’t one of the more fashion-forward celebrities. At least not in the sense that she’s always extremely put together in the latest trends and styles according to fashion experts. However, I absolutely adore the outfits she’s been wearing while filming the open auditions for her upcoming stint as a judge on season 2 of The X Factor! They’re cute, feminine, sexy, and I must say she has been looking fabulous! Since The X Factor premieres in a couple of weeks, and because I’ve been a huge Britney fan for several, several years, I decided to pay homage to the reigning princess of pop by biting her recent fashion choices. Some of the dresses are the actual dresses she wore, just because I couldn’t find anything quite like them that struck my fancy, and because the originals are just so amazing! Others are more so inspired by what she wore, like I usually do. Unfortunately Britney doesn’t seem to be keen on accessorizing, so the outfits are pretty much dresses and shoes with the occasional small jewelry. Don’t forget to catch the season 2 premiere of The X Factor September 12th, at 8:00pm EST. on FOX, and every Wednesday and Thursday night for the foreseeable future!

Look #1:

This outfit was worn when Britney made her official X Factor filming debut, and I think she came out with a bang! I absolutely love this dress- the color, the sheer panel, everything about it, which is why I just couldn’t allow myself to use a dress that barely mimicked it. I really couldn’t find anything that did it even a little bit of justice.

Get the Look:
*Brian Lichtenberg Coral Pink Zipper Scuba Dress$396
*New Look Black Studded Court Shoes£29.99

Look #2:

Im not entirely happy with the imitation I came up with for this outfit. I couldn’t find anything with a similar pattern or colors that was the same cut and shape as the dress that Britney wore here. I ended up going with a shape that was similar, as it’s my favorite aspect of the dress. I adore the “puffiness” of the skirt! I’ll be honest, I had no idea that the necklace I used was a small clock pendant. Usually when I’m putting outfits together on Polyvore I’ll screen cap everything, upload the images, and only when I’m ready to type everything do I look at the individual item websites to get the price and whatnot. And sometimes the images on Polyvore can be very deceiving as they’re really small a lot of the time, and I don’t always have the need to enlarge them. Most of the time if something isn’t what it seems I’ll go back and replace it with something I like better, but I’m doing 5 outfits at once right now, and feeling a little lazy, so let’s just pretend that the necklace is a simple, diamond necklace. Unless, of course, the clock fancies you. 😉

Get the Look:
*Fat Face Serena Broderie Dress$76
*Sergio Rossi Platform Pump$529
*River Island Silver Tone Clock and Key Necklace£12.00

Look #3:

This is probably my least favorite look of the five, just because I’m not too keen on the overall shape of the dress. I don’t think it’s really flattering on Britney, and on most people, to be honest. However, I am a big fan of shimmer and sparkle so that makes up for it. I also really love the metallic gold shoes! I don’t really care for the color of the dress I found, and it’s another good example of being deceived on Polyvore! The way I originally had viewed it, it appeared to be sparkly. But once I saw it up close, after all of the screen capping and uploading was completed, I saw that it’s really just white polka-dotted. Boo, that makes the color even uglier in my opinion. At least if it were glitter it would appear more gold. To me, the mustard yellow just doesn’t go with the cloak-y shape of the dress.

Get the Look:
*Attic and Barn Spotty Shift Dress$274
*Giuseppe Zanotti I26085 Open Toe Pumps in Bronze- $650

Look #4:

I love the edginess of this look. The cut-out holes are playful and sexy, especially paired with those sexy shoes, but not so over the top that it looks trashy. I really like the fit on her, too. This is the exact dress she wore, as well, which explains why every website I came across that had it is sold out!

Get the Look:
*Herve Leger Black Cut-Out Bandage Dress- No Longer Available Online
*CARLOS by Carlos Santana Tzarina in Black- $120
*Amazon Curated 10k White Gold Filigree Teardrop Diamond Earrings$200

Look #5:

I love this look. I love bandage dresses, especially on Britney, I love the vibrant red, and her hair and make-up seem to be particularly on point that day, too! She looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy, which is why I went with an extremely similar dress. In fact, I’m almost positive it is the dress she wore!

Get the Look:
*Herve Leger Katya Bandage Dress in Rio Red- $1,250
*Casadei Closed Toe Slip-Ons$298

Orange & Green Casual Fall Style

16 Aug

I’m getting really excited about fall. If you haven’t caught on yet, you will after the next several fall-related entries I post. 🙂 I can’t help it- it’s my favorite season! I decided to put together an outfit using some of this season’s “it” colors (see previous entry). I went with the orange and jade green (and grey, if you count the tank top). These two colors normally aren’t paired together, but I like what I came up with. I absolutely adore the top, too! I like the over-sized, “messy” looking shirts. And the boots… OH the boots!

Get the Look:
*ONLY Alba Tank Top in Grey- £8.00
*Dorothy Perkins Orange Ladder Slouch Jumper$17
*Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Lee Skinny Jean$225
*Ann Harvey LondonJade Crinkle Scarf£15.00
*Oscar de la Renta Bejeweled Suede BootsPrice Unknown
*Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Sia– in Parrot Green- $288
*Belle Noel Enamel Asymmetrical Diamond Shaped Ring in Orange- $35