5 Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

4 Sep

Here are 5 of my favorite fall nail polish picks! They all just so happen to be OPI, because that’s what I own most of. I know there are several other great ones out there, as well as several dupes for each of these, but these are the ones that I have and plan to use a lot of this fall. I would post my own swatches and photos, but I figured it wouldn’t be fair to the polishes since I only have my web cam to work with at the moment, and it certainly wouldn’t do any of them justice. What are your favorite picks for your nails this fall?

1. You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI

Arguably one of OPI’s more recent favorites, this dark, brownish-greyish taupe is a must-have polish for any nail polish collector! It premiered several years ago with OPI’s France collection, and has been so popular that it’s stuck around in their permanent collection ever since. Not only is it a staple shade, but it’s perfect for fall wear!

2. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI

This is definitely high up on my list of favorite nail polishes ever! It’s an extremely darkened purple, which at times can look almost black. This was one of my first favorite purchases when I was an aspiring nail polish collector, and it has remained a favorite of mine ever since! If it’s a bit too dark for your taste, try out it’s sister shade, “Lincoln Park At Midnight,” which essentially looks the same but with a little more purple showing through.

3. Russian Navy by OPI

Another one of OPI’s most popular shades! Russian Navy is a deep, dark indigo blue with purple shimmer. It appears extremely dark at first glance, but once it catches some light the blue/purple hues come alive. Truly a gorgeous, sultry color!

4. Midnight In Moscow by OPI

Continuing on with the deep, dark variety, this shade is similar in make-up as Russian Navy, but instead of blue/purple, Midnight In Moscow reflects burgundy hues on top of it’s fairly dark, blackish base color. Mixing black and red into one shade? Hello sex appeal!

5. Jade is the New Black by OPI

Although this shade came out with OPI’s spring Hong Kong collection a few years ago, it will be absolutely perfect this fall! Jade green is one of this season’s “it” colors, which is exactly the kind of green this polish is. Although it is a vibrant jade green, it is still deep with grayish undertones that make it wearable for fall.


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