Olympic-Inspired Nail Colors

30 Jul

In honor of the 2012 Olympic Games that are now underway, I decided to create a list of olympic-inspired colors to help you get in the spirit! I’ve gathered several different gold, silver, and bronze shades, as well as reds, whites, and blues because I am from America!

1. Golds

*OPI in Gold Shatter (gold crackle)
*OPI Designer Series in Classic (shimmery golden-beige)
*Essie in Good As Gold (metallic gold)
*Orly in Glitz (sparkly bright yellow-gold)
*Orly Foil FX in Luxe (metallic gold)
*Zoya in Goldie (metallic bright yellow-gold)
*Zoya in Jules (shimmery antique gold)
*China Glaze in Gold Digger (true gold glitter)
*China Glaze in Blond Bombshell (yellow-gold glitter)

2. Silvers

*OPI in Pirouette My Whistle (light grey with heavy silver glitter)
*OPI Designer Series in Radiance (shimmery, true silver)
*Essie in Silver Bullions (glittery silver)
*Orly Foil FX in Shine (metallic silver)
*Orly in Tiara (silver with heavy silver glitter)
*Zoya in Laney (metallic silver duochrome)
*China Glaze in Tinsel Town (heavy light & dark silver glitter)
*China Glaze in Platinum Silver (shimmery light silver)

3. Bronzes

*OPI Designer Series in Illuminate (shimmery bronzed brown)
*OPI in Brisbane Bronze (metallic golden brown)
*Orly Foil FX in Rage (metallic bronze)
*Orly in Flagstone Rush (metallic reddish-bronze)
*China Glaze in Your Touch (shimmery mid-tone warm brown)
*China Glaze in Goin’ My Way? (glittery brownish-bronze)

4. Reds

*OPI in OPI Red (true primary red)
*OPI in Cha-Ching Cherry (vivid red)
*OPI in Big Apple Red (true primary red)
*OPI in I’m Not Really A Waitress (deep metallic red)
*Essie in Lollipop (candy cane red)
*Essie in Jag-U-Are (vivid deepened red)
*Orly in Haute Red (bright primary red)
*Orly in Star Spangled (deep red with red glitter)
*Zoya in Haley (bright flashy red)
*Zoya in Kamilah (orange-red with red shimmer)
*China Glaze in Sacred Heart (true red)
*China Glaze in Salsa (slightly deepened red)

5. Whites

*OPI in Alpine Snow (true white)
*Essie in Blanc (true white)
*Essie in Below The Belt (bright white)
*Zoya in Purity (bright stark white)
*Zoya in Snow White (true white)
*China Glaze in White Out (true white)
*China Glaze in Oxygen (slightly off-white)

6. Blues

*OPI in Yoga-ta Get This Blue! (shimmery dark blue)
*OPI in Road House Blues (very deep dark blue)
*OPI in Blue My Mind (metallic true blue)
*Essie in Aruba Blue (frosty sapphire blue)
*Orly in Charged Up (deep navy blue)
*Zoya in Tart (metallic medium blue)
*China Glaze in Bermuda Breakaway (dark indigo-blue)
*China Glaze in Blue Paradise (shimmery darkened primary blue)


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