Spotlight On: Cargo Cosmetics

2 Jul

Though the brand was founded in 1996, Cargo has been gaining much deserved popularity in recent years. It’s one of the most innovative cosmetics brands in not only it’s formulas but it’s packaging, too. I was lucky enough to be given a brief, introductory training and demonstration on Cargo when the company I was working for began carrying their products, and I have fell in love with the brand ever since. I picked out a few of my favorite Cargo products to review/praise. What are your favorite Cargo products? All images are from

1. blu_ray Pressed Powder$32

Cargo’s blu_ray line is one of it’s hot sellers due to it’s exceptional formula and uniqueness. My favorite is the pressed powders. The way the Cargo representative explained it was that it creates a “blurred” appearance on your face, giving you a flawless, air-brushed look. The line was initially created for movies and television, allowing people on camera to have a natural, unmade-up appearance, even when high-definition is used. The powder formula is extremely soft and creamy, and provides pretty good coverage. Some people could get away with using it as a foundation, though I personally tend to use it over my liquid foundation when I need a full-coverage look.

2. Lash Activator$35

I haven’t tried very many lash-enhancing products, but I was able to try Cargo’s Lash Activator and I must say I like it. They have two formulas- day, and night. The day formula is black, while the night formula is clear so you’re able to sleep in it without waking up to black smears under your eyes. While the day formula is colored, I still tend to wear it under my usual mascara because the formula is a bit thin and runny. However, if you’re just looking for a little tint of color you could easily get away with wearing just the Lash Activator. Like I said, I haven’t tried many other products that are supposed to promote eye lash growth so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I can say I noticed a bit of a difference. Some of my lashes appeared to begin sprouting out longer than others. I never used it continuously, once a day, for 30 days, so I can only imagine how much more my lashes would’ve grown if I would’ve done so. You can get full-size tubes of both the day and night formulas, or you can get a mini-trial pack that comes with deluxe sizes of each!

3. Reverse Lip Liner$16

The Reverse Lip Liner is one of Cargo’s more innovative products. It’s a nude-colored lip pencil that is meant to be applied outside of your lip line, rather than tracing your actual lip line. It helps prevent bleeding of your lip stick/lip gloss without giving you that 90’s-esque traced lip look. Also, it highlights your lips, making them appear to be bigger and fuller! Who doesn’t love that?!

4. Water Resistant Bronzer$28

Cargo has a great line of bronzers, with great formulation and colors. My favorite one is their Water Resistant Bronzer. It’s the same shade as their best-selling “Medium” bronzer, only waterproof! I usually don’t like to wear make-up when I’m swimming or even when I’m going to be outdoors in hot weather for long periods of time due to sweat and other factors causing my make-up to run and rub off. With this bronzer I can at least add some color to my face without worry! I’ve used it while swimming, and though I don’t really get my face too wet most of the time, it did stay on me all day. It’s definitely a must-have for summer!

5. Swimmables$19

These eye pencils are a must-have for summer, or for anyone who often gets wet or sweats. They are waterproof eye liner, and when I say waterproof I mean it! I’ve swam wearing these multiple times, and not once has my liner budged or even faded. They’re the ultimate waterproof eye pencils, for sure! Swimmables are typically sold in sets, usually of four small ones, and contain fun, bright colors. Not only only are they very pretty, but they’re super dependable and practical.

6. Liquid Foundation$36

Cargo’s Liquid Foundation is one of my all-time favorites by far. When I say favorite, I’m talking top 3, and I’ve tried a lot of foundations in my time! It provides great coverage and is smooth and creamy for easy application. A lot of people tend to get turned off by the initial texture, as it tends to be more on the watery-wet side, however, I feel this just makes applying and blending it much easier. Not to mention it feels a lot more light-weight than most liquid foundations, but still covers great, and dries like any other foundation. I’ll be honest, one of the main reasons I fell in love with this foundation was because I found a shade that matched my skin perfectly. I mean PERFECT! Their F-30 shade fits me to a T, and if I put a glob of it on my face you can still hardly tell it’s there. During the summer, if I get a lot of sun, I use their F-40 shade. Another great thing about this foundation is it’s innovative “pouch” packaging. Gone are the days of wasting foundation because you can’t get anymore out of the glass bottle, because you’re able to squeeze out almost every ounce in this pouch (similar to a tube of tooth paste). The unique packaging is also extremely convenient for traveling.


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