Spotlight On: Ombre

22 Jun

Ombre is a french term that refers to the gradual change in shade of a color from light to dark, or from one color to another. In the past few years, ombre has been popping up all over the beauty and fashion world and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! I’ve rounded up the posts I’ve made on the three most popular ombre trends; hair, nails, and fashion. What is your favorite ombre trend?

*Ombre Hair Color
Usually having your roots be a totally different color than the rest of your hair means you need to get to the salon, but thanks to the ombre hair coloring technique it’s become a trend! So many people are sporting this look right now, and it is huge among celebrities. It makes your hair appear to be longer, and in some instances naturally sun-kissed.

*Ombre Nail Design
Ombre is an easy way to add some extra punch to your nails without having to worry about intricate designs, stickers, and other nail design add-ons.

*Ombre Fashion
The ombre trend doesn’t end with just hair and nail styles, its gaining popularity in the fashion world, too! Its a great way to add length and color to an outfit or article of clothing in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.


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