Ombre Fashion

22 Jun

The ombre trend doesn’t end with just hair and nail styles, its gaining popularity in the fashion world, too! Its a great way to add length and color to an outfit or article of clothing in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Check out some examples below!

I am absolutely obsessed with this dress. Its the epitome of ombre, having transitions in not only color but texture, too! It goes from blue to silver to peach, and small sequins to larger sequins to feathers! So stunning.

The dark navy blue to white ombre on this gown makes it appear longer and adds to the flow of the bottom.

This sequin dress flows from red to gold and back to red again! A different style and take on the ombre look.

I adore these ombre tights, and will definitely be looking for them when fall/winter season comes back around! Ombre leggings would be super cute, as well, and both will help elongate your legs!

Scarves are a super trendy accessory, so an ombre scarf is just perfect!

I love this ombre bandage dress. The gradient of color is perfect!

This maxi skirt is perfect for an ombre design. Putting the purple, being the darker color, on the bottom makes it appear almost dipped dyed and really accentuates the long length of the skirt.


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