Cute & Flirty Outfit

5 Apr

I love neutrals with a pop of color. I know it looks like a dress, but it’s really a tank top and skirt. I put them together because I felt it looked better, and the shirt is meant to be tucked in anyway. I kind of based this outfit off of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex and the City. The skirt kind of reminded me of the skirt she wore during the opening credits of the TV series, and again in the first movie (for those of you who are familiar, think of the last outfit she tried on when they were cleaning out her closet). I was a quite taken aback by the price of the earrings. I certainly would never be able to spend more money on earrings than my last 3 cars cost put together, but they’re certainly pretty, nonetheless. 😉

Get the Look:
*Lipsy Embroidered Tutu Skirt£50
*Trendpal Basic Top in Neon Coral- 127,46 DKK
*Wholesale-Dress Fashion Style Spliced Wedges in Apricot- $16.22 (wholesale)
*Valentino Bowed Handle Bag$1,995
*Gorjana Double Rope Necklace$44
*Fourtane Pink & White Diamond Yellow Gold Earrings$18,500
*Astley Clarke Opal Perla Ring$2,335


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