Neon Zebra Outfit

4 Apr

Neon colors are supposed to be making a massive comeback this summer (unless you’re like me, and they never went away 😉 ) and animal prints are always sexy. I think I would wear this outfit for a night on the town, clubbing, etc… anywhere I demand attention, that’s for sure! I was kind of disappointed that the shoes were photographed from behind, but then you wouldn’t be able to see the adorable bows, so I just went with them. The fronts can’t be that bad when the backs look so good, right?! (You can see the whole shoe from different angles on the actual product website!)

Get the Look:
*Elise Ryan One Shoulder Zebra DressEUR 49.95
*Designers Remix Sign High Heel Neon PlatformsEUR 400
*Proenza Shouler PS1 Pochette Python Clutch in Citron- $1,735
*Anri Triple Feather Drop Earrings$6.95
*eVanity Rhinestone Epoxy Premium Bracelets$14.80


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